Qualcomm (San Diego)

Modem Data Services Staff Software Engineer November 2019 – Present

  • – Working on 5G IRAT features for Data Services

Modem Data Services Senior Software Engineer June 2016 – November 2019

  • – Developed NBIOT features including MO Exceptional Data, APN Rate Control, Serving PLMN Rate
    Control, and Power Saving Mode enhancements.
  • – Developed features to be in compliance with 3GPP and IR92 specifications including prioritizing 3GPP
    data throttling algorithms over operator requirements and preferred data system determination
  • – Led the design on new 3GPP and IR92 defined features including PS Data Off Exempt Services, and UT
    configuration enhancements, collaborating with neighboring development, systems, and testing teams.
  • – Provided debug support for external customers and internal testing teams for NBIOT features, data
    system determination algorithms, handovers, and throttling algorithms.
  • – Built unit test suites to sanitize new features helping to identify issues early on and allow more seamless on target bring-up testing.
  • – Collaborated with base station vendors on NBIOT features allowing vendors to be able to do on-target testing with a device while simultaneously allowing modem on-target testing with a commercial base station.
  • – Mentored and trained teammates in San Diego, China, and India with new and existing features in the data services code base.

Modem MMCP Protocols Senior Systems Test Engineer Oct 2013 – Jun 2016

  • – Created test plans, acted as the main point of contact, and worked with relevant developers and systems engineers on a protocol level to push key modem features to commercialization.
  • – Contributed to a post-processing automation project by creating heuristic analyzers to quickly identify known issues.
  • – Proposed, designed, developed, and released an innovative new keyword-based modem test framework to testing, development, and integration teams removing the requirement for users to have domain specific knowledge and minimizing the requirement for programming expertise for on-target testing while still upholding a standard of thoroughness for testing.
  • – Successfully advocated for the adoption of the modem test framework across 30+ testing and development teams, improving percentage of tests that are automated from 51% to 93% by using the modem test framework, accomplishing 6+ years of test time per 30 days, and improving development team’s target bring-up processes.
  • – Proposed, designed, and developed a base station simulator framework which works alongside the modem test framework to control various base station simulators seamlessly.
  • – Planned out the test network’s IRAT thresholds and neighbor configurations, enabling the modem test framework to easily perform and validate IRAT scenarios on any test setup.
  • – Mentored and trained teammates on framework development, design, and feature testing.

Modem MMCP Protocols Systems Test Engineer Jun 2011 – Oct 2013

  • – Created and executed test plans, acted as the main point of contact, and worked with relevant developers and systems engineers on a protocol level to push key modem features to commercialization including IRAT (Optimized Handoff, e1xCSFB, and VoLTE to 1xRTT fallback), voice calls, SMS, and system selection across all RATs (LTE, GSM, CDMA, eHRPD, WCDMA).
  • – Collaborated with international and domestic offices to optimize test coverage for the above key features.
  • – Created and maintained functional testing and performance testing automation for (e)1xCSFB to be used in both domestic and international offices.
  • – Provided on-site field testing support for (e)1xCSFB and Optimized Handoff for the KDDI network in Japan, working directly with our Japan office and the KDDI network operators.
  • – Provided on-site customer/vendor training, bring-up, and support for (e)1xCSFB Inter-Operability Testing for the Santa Clara office and their customers.


University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Masters of Engineering, Electrical Engineering: Systems 2010-2011

  • Activities and Societies: IEEE President, Qualcomm Campus Crew Lead

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, minor in Mathematics 2005-2011

  • Activities and Societies: IEEE Treasurer, Phi Sigma Rho Historian, Alumni Chair and Webmaster, Qualcomm Campus Crew Lead
  • Michigan Education Assessment Program (MEAP) Merit Scholarship, Rockwell Collins Scholarship, University Honors and Dean’s List

Technical Skills

Computer Languages C/C++, Perl, Python

Environments Windows, Linux/Unix, Embedded RTOS

Tools Perforce, Vim, Matlab, Diagnostic Logging Tools, Test Base Station Boxes, LATEX